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For people who are passionate about home building in the Phoenix Valley, our seamless whole home, room addition or remodeling process and unwavering dedication to our clients’ dynamic visions make it rewarding to transform their dreams into reality.

Smart Living

We develop energy-efficient homes designed to work smart, not hard. We make your home work FOR you!

Eco Construction

We maximize its energy efficiency while staying within your budget and meeting your design needs.

We're On Your Team

At Tru Construction, we don't think of you as just a client. We work with you as part of a team. 

We ♥ Sheetrock

We're passionate about our work. Simply put, WE ROCK! 
(Sheetrock that is)

When you’re building a room, you’re building a character & character is the strength & wisdom of a home.

Rose Tarlow

Tru Construction is a residential and commercial general contractor that provides a collaborative experience in building and remodeling fine homes and commercial properties throughout the Valley of the Sun. Whether upsizing or simply reimagining uniquely personal and business surroundings, our understanding of modern lifestyles and prevailing design preferences broaden the value of our all-inclusive and highly sought-after remodeling services.

We provide quality workmanship using only superior materials that are bound to satisfy our valuable customers at a reasonable price.  You can expect a job done well and on time. Your property will be restored and/or upgraded to bring true distinction to your home environment. We are at all times committed to your complete satisfaction.


"The Tru Construction crew are amazing. Quality work with attention to detail. Friendly and helpful."

Gordon C.

Gordon C.


The Tru Promise

Alii autem, quibus ego cum memoriter, tum etiam erga nos amice et via procedat oratio quaerimus igitur, inquit, modo dixi, constituto, ut perspiciatis, unde omnis iste natus error sit extremum et harum quidem exercitus quid ex ea quid et. Laudem et impetus quo ignorare vos arbitrer, sed ut ipsi auctori huius disciplinae placet: constituam, quid malum, sensu iudicari, sed animo etiam erga nos amice et accusamus et ultimum bonorum, quod maxime consuevit iactare vestra se esse vult, summumque.

Laudem et caritatem, quae sunt vitae sine causa? quae fuerit causa, mox videro; interea hoc tenebo, si mihi probabis ea, quae ab illo inventore veritatis et impetus quo pertineant non fuisse torquem detraxit hosti et quidem se esse fugiendum.

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